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Why Stratch marks occur?

Stratch marks are the scars/marks that occur on our body. Specially on stomach, thys, hips. Stratch marks are commonly seen in pregnancy. But pregnancy is not the only reason of stratch marks, there are several other reasons due to which this scars can cause.

This are marks are red in colour when they newly formed and as the time passes they converts into white colour. This marks are not in a straight line. They look in the form of the branches of a tree. Once this scars occurs it is very difficult cure them.

Because there is no treatment for stratch marks, which can cure them completely. There are some remedies and tricks through which we can control them or make them less. Stratch marks can be genetic. If your mother has got stratch marks in her puberty time or in pregnancy than chances increases to you also.

A very common reason of stratch marks is pregnancy. Because when a female is pregnent her stomach and hips are growing excessively in very few time. Due this process the cologen and elastic bundle breaks up and stratch marks appear. Puberty is also a reason for some girls for getting stratch marks because in puberty age some girls hight increases very quickly so the support system of our skin goes and stratch marks takes place.

If we are lossing/gaining our weight in very few time or suddenly than also stratch marks can occur. If we lift very heavy weight according to our musscles strength. At that point also the elastic bundle present under our skin breaks and stratch marks can occur.If we use any cream on our body and its containing steroid in it, than also stratch marks can form.

To avoid stratch marks apply oil/moisturiser on body. It is also noticed that people doing yoga/exercise get less stratch marks. Because yoga and different type of physical activities helps in increasing our blood circulation. Strictly avoid creams containing steroid in it.

If we perform any remedies on stratch marks to disappear them. Than it will more effective on red marks instead of white ones.

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