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Post delivery precautions.

All family members are very concious for the new born baby and mother both. Because this is very crucial time period for mother specially. It is very important what we are giving mother to eat. Whatever mother will according to that only child will get nutrition through milk.

We always see that mostly more ghee and halwa is given to mothers because they think that ghee helps in increasing the level of milk. Also milk is given to mother also and it is said that if mother will have milk in good quantity than the baby also will get good level of milk.

But both this things are not so correct. Because ghee and milk are un sufficient to produce milk for baby. If mother is given carbohydrate, protein and vitamin C in proper way than baby will be healthy. Because rice, roti and green vegetables are the ingredients which produces milk.

Also if you eat more spicy food or unhealthy food than also the teast of the milk remains same. Roti, rice and vegetables only goes to the baby with milk. In post delivery females are going through many different hormonal changes and they are also taking anti biotics and painculars so if they eat more unhealthy food they may have to face problem of acidity.

And acidity will make your sleep disturbed. It is very important for mother to take proper sleep. Some females have problem in producing sufficient milk so in this case they are given, coconut, satabri etc. Which helps in producing more milk to their baby.

But the females who can produce proper milk to their child must avoid this things because if your breast is filled with more milk even after feeding baby, than your breast will start paining due to milk inside. If you are taking more ghee and extra food according to your requirment, than your weight will be increased definietly. So take healthy food, normal ghee and take food in intervals.

It is very important that how your delivery is done. Weather it is normal delivery or cesereandelivery. According to that food is given to mothers. If they have gone through ceserean than take hot milk/water and add turmeric to it and take it every morning. This will help you in recovering your wound. Bajra is very good in post delivery. Also methi is very effective in producing more milk.

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