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What is overactive bladder?

Overactive bladder is a condition where people are enable to keep control over their urine. Many times it happens that urine starts leaking until reach toilet. They feel going for urine again and again but when they go for urine. They dont get urine and they knows that it was just a feeling of urine not urine was occuring. This condition is called overactive bladder.

In a human body urine is made by kidneys and it is stored in bladder. When our bladder gets filled a signal goes to our mind and we come to know that now we are feeling of going for urine and we go to toilet. But when a person is suffering from overactive bladder inviolatry constructions occur against the singnal of brain which results into leakage of urine.

This problem is very commonly seen in females. Also males can get but number of females is more in comparison to males. There many for this and very common among this are females with growing age, after pregnancy this problems are more common.

Because overactive bladder takes place due to the health problems which effects the veins/muscles of bladder. Also it is seen that when we are having feeling of urine but we control it for long time due to that bladder is filled more and muscles spreads. This is a very common reason seen among females for causing overactive bladder.

Overactive can also occur if you are suffering from health disease like stroke, multiple seclerosis etc. If we taken in use more tea, coffee, coldrinks, alcohol, sigrets etc can increase the chances of getting overactive bladder.

To avoid this health problem always take care of your day todays lifestyle. Drink more water. Some people stops drinking of water bcz they gets frustated of going for urine again and again. But this can harm you more and it is not a solution.

Because drinking less water makes your urine more consuntrated and this makes bladder uncomfertable and chances increases of getting urine cancer. Drink more water in day but try to decrease level of water in evening and avoid drinking water totally in night.

This will help you cure problem of overactive bladder. Try to make some changes in you daily life like when you feel going for urine try to control urine for 5 mints than increase these time level to 10 mints this will make control over your urine.

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