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What are periods?

Periods are also known by menstruation. It is a menstrual cycle a natural cycle in which discharge of blood and cellular debris comes out from the female vagina. Periods takes place only in females and this cycle is repeated after every month and it lasts for 5-8 days. Periods starts at the age of 10-15 and ends at the age of 45-55.

This absent in pregnancy, childhood and at menopause. Menopause is term when the periods are stopped naturally at the age of 45-55. Periods are very important in every females life. Because it plays a very important role in pregnancy period.

If a woman is not getting periods regularly in proper way than she may get contractions in giving a birth to the child. Normally periods duration is 5 days but in some womans it can last for 3-8 days and in the first 2 days bleeding is heavy.

As the days pass the bleeding also decreases. When a woman gets periods she suffers from stomach pain, mood swings, headech etc. It is a very common thing and every female faces this problems.In ancient times females used to use a cloth. Because there were no pads, tampons, menstrual cups etc. Were available. But now everything is available easily everywhere.

Use of Cloth can cause a infection. But still there are many who uses cloths even now for shake of money. But now everything is available at cheap rates specially pads and there are also some countries where government has started giving pads for free for all womans.

It is very neccessary to use pads and change the pad every after 2-3 hours. Long use of a same pad can also cause you a infection or itching.There are some people in villages who thinks that periods are bad and when a woman gets periods they treat her like untouchables.

They keep her away from the home for 5 days. And she has to cook her food herself in this painful time and they dont get proper things to use like pads. Periods are very common among all and people must understand the science behind this.

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