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Way of Weight loss.

Everybody wants a fit body. To stay healthy and fit people do anything. They dont think of what will happen after doing any activity without the guidance of experts.

People stops eating breakfast to loss weight. Breakfast is most important meal of our whole day which we avoid. People think that if they avoid eating breakfast it will be easy for them to decrease the weight. But it is seen that people gain more fat who avoid their breakfast.

We are qurious of doing things faster. We want immediate result so we follow one diet for 1 weak and another one for next weak. Like these whichever new diet comes on internet we start following it for quick result. But this change of diets effects our body and hormones.

Always take guidance from the experts and follow the diet. Because every person has different types of needs. Diets are made according to the body and shape, size of the body. Your doctor/ trainer is the only who can guide you for correct diet.

It is seen that many people avoid eating rice. But it is important that how much you eat rice or any other food item. Do not stop eating rice totally, eat according to your fat, body and needs. All of us want good body and fat free body. But no one is ready to change their lifestyle.

Everything must be decided your time of sleeping, eating, working, going for exercise etc. If your body dont have kenaf vitamin D level than it can be difficult for you to loss weight.

Some people do more of exercise, yoga, cycling etc. Whereas some just dont do atall. With this they also avoid eating food and follow different diets, which results into body weakness.

Take atlist 9-10 glass of water in a day. Avoid processed food, home made food is best to loss weight. Added sugar and salt increases weight. And use more sugar and salt can result into diabities/ heart condition.

Increase intake of fibre like salads. Salads provide you sugar. Sunlight is very good for your body it will give you vitamin D. Which changes your chalestrol layer into energy and helps in lossing weight.

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