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How migraine is different from normal headache ?

When we have pain in our head we called ot headech. But when this pain is very high and we cant control it and it is also different in some ways in that case it is called migraine.

When a person is suffering from migraine pain occurs in the perticular part of head like in some people it pain only in the half part of the head or from the near/around the eyes or near by the ears. Also it can pain from the upper part of the head. Migraines pain is very high which cannot be controlled and its intensity is volumable.

Also it is noticed that in migraine pain is in form of throbing / pulsating. Pain is uncontrollable and you may also get vomites. Things cannot be seen clearly. We feel like our veins are moving.

Migraine can happen if your family member has the problem of migraine than the chances getting migraine to you also increases. If you are using more mobile phone or watching TV for long time or if you are working man and sitting infront of computer for long time than also you can get migraine.

The pain in migraine is so elastic and long lasting that the pain can last from hours to days also. To differ migraine from normal headech is through symptoms. Person suffering from migraine must avoid smoking, alcohol, drinking etc.

Also avoid going into the sunlight and if you go use gogles, cap, umbrella to protect your self from the sun rays. And try to include physical activities in your daily routine like walking, yoga etc. This will help you to cure off from the migraine faster.

If you are suffering from migraine take care of your health stricktly. It is very important that person suffering from migraine do not suffer from stress/anxiety. Do not listen to the loud music.

Keep yourself buzy in things what you love. Try to keep yourself happy. Do not think a lot about any perticular thing for long time. Because if you do so youll get stree and depression, this will result into headech.

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