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How to control births?

There are many options we have to control unwanted pregnancys. Some of them are permanent and some are for temporary. In permanent we called it opreation. Usually it is seen that only females attends this oprations but also for the males there is a opration by which they will not have pregnancy if they attend this operation. Opration available for males is called vasectomy and it is very small and easy operation. When this operation is done they dont even have to get admited in hospitals.

Hormonal ways to control births:-
Very commonly in now a days are pills they are easily available at low rates. These pills are called oral contraseptive pills which a female has to take one pill every day. There many pills of different types but its not that you can any pill you feel like to.

First you should verify from your doctor and whichever pill is suggested by the docotor should be taken. If you dont do so you may have to suffer from some serious health problems. If you take use pills your bleeding gets decreased due to which youll dont have to suffer from anemia. Also acne and pimples will be decreased. You may get to see some side effects like headeck, vomiting, mood swings etc. Which later on will be dicreased with the time.

This pills are not for long time. Mostly you can use it only for 5 years and not more than that. If you take it for long time it can cause health problem like irregular cycle ir problem in pregnancy. There is one more pill in market which us called i-pill this pill is used only in emergency case. If you have done unsafe/ unprotected sex than take this pill immediately after sex. But if you use this for daily than it can cause you many health problems.

Non hormonal ways:-

In this criteria the first option which is safe and easily available at cheap rates are condoms. Condoms not only helps in birth control but it also protects you from sexually transmited disease. But with every act of sex you should use a new condom if you dont do so then the chances of getting pregnent increases. Second option we have is copper T which is also called multinode.

Copper T is a safe way of avoiding pregnancy. It is fitted inside the vegina for 3-5 years. If want to remove it before or in between you can do so. It has very few side effects like irregular or high bleeding for starting two to three months but this doesnt happens to all womans only some of them has to face this problem. It is also safe during breastfeeding.

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