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What is Breast reconstruction surgery?

It is a surgery done to maintain the shape and size of the breast. This surgery is usually needed when breast is removed from its place to attend a perticular cancer opration. Breast surgeries are of two types. It is seen that the surgery is done during the opration or after operation.

Immediate breast reconstruction is one in which breast surgery is done immediately after the opration. And delayed breast reconstruction is surgery done after some time of opration. Breast reconstruction surgery is devided into two groups.

Autologous reconstruction and implant based reconstruction. If tissue is taken from own body than it is called autologous reconstruction. And if it is impalnted it is called implant based reconstruction.

In most of the cases autologous reconstruction is done and in this the tissue is taken from the downward part of your stomach. Mostly breast cancer patients have childrens so there are extra tissues present in the down part of the stomach.

If due to any serious reason we cant use the tissue of this place than tissue is collected from the eldiphlap(back) isgap (below the waste).In implant based reconstruction surgery many time it happens that the patients dont have kenaf skin to cover up the implant.

In such type of cases tissue expander is used. It looks like a artificial ballon and it is expanded slowly slowly by which skin is made, so that the implant can be kept inside the skin. If we dont do breast reconstruction surgery after a cancer operation in which breast has been removed from its place.

Than the size and shape doesnt looks same as before. After completing the process of opration and surgery doctor provides pressure garments to the patients. This garment is made according to the size of the patients breast. This garment should be wore for atlist 1-2months to bring the size of breast in proper manner.

It is very important that you take care of it properly. As per the advice of doctor. mostly theres no side effect of this surgery but in some cases infection can take place. After the surgery it is necessary to take antibiotics on regular basis and wearing garment provided by the doctor.

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