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Why Dandruff occurs?

Dandruff is a very common problem among girls. And this is much more summer days. Due to dandruff we have to face many problema like itching, irritation, hair fall etc. Dandruff is not of a only one type. There are four different types of dandruffs. And each one has different symptoms and reason of spreading.

On our scalp white coloured mat is present and when this mat starts leaving its place it is called dandruff. When this mat leaves its place we get itching and we scrub it a lot due to which that place becomes redish and hair fall also takes place. The life of hair decreases.

There are four types of dandruffs. Dry skin dandruff, oily skin dandruff, fungal infection dandruff and dandruff occuring due to the perticular health disease.Theres no scietific reason for dandruff because dandruffs are of different types so they have different reasons of spreading.

Most commonly seen are, people having dry skin, fungal infection, doing improper shampoo and not combing hair regularly or in proper way. If you comb hair regularly blood circulation increases in scalp. Once you got dandruff if you are anable to control it in short time than it starts falling on face, chest and back.

And this causes acne on the body. It is very neccessary to wash hair every after 1-2 days if you have dandruff. Dont just wash hair for shake of washing. First apply shampoo on your hair and than keep it for 10-15 mints and keep masazing your hairs and sclap than wash it. Now we lotions are available everywhere so we can use lotion for long time.

can apply it in night and let it remain for whole night and wash it in the next day. Also you can use anti fungal agents like coal tar, sulphide, zinc etc.
It is very important that you take care of your hair. Because if you have dandruff and you are lacking off to take care of it. Than it will spread more and more which can give birth many other diseases also.

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