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What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which are unable to give births. To know endometriosis deeply, first we’ll know about endometrium.

Endometrium is a lining formed inside the uterus. When hormone is formed this lining occurs. This lining waits for pregnancy and if suppose pregnancy doesnt exists than this lining starts falling and periods takes place.

In whole human body endometrium occurs only in uterus. And if due to some reason this lining starts forming outside the uterus than it is called endometriosis. Mostly when this lining forms outside the uterus it takes place in ovary or fallopian tube.

Endometriosis can take place if your mother or sister has got this problem. Means it can be genetic and it cannot be prevented. Mainly endometriosis occurs when girls are small and the size of the uterus is also small, the opening of the uterus from where blood comes out is also very small in size.

Due this small opening the pressure comes on uterus. This pressure occurs so the endometriosis formed inside the uterus can come out with the pressure of blood. In some people it comes out but in some this pain and pressure increases and endometriosis cannot come out through the uterus and in this case endometriosis comes out through the tube.

The correct way of coming out was uterus but if it comes out through the tube than it takes place at different place and starts growing at another place.Normally every female gets normal pain in their period time. But when this pain increases and pain occurs at the place where it never pained before than chances of endometriosis increases.

And we must go to the doctor for the checkup. It is a symptom of endometriosis and if you are having problem of infertility. Your not able to give a birth to child than also you may have endometriosis. In endometriosis veins gets blocked and ovary also starts getting weaker day by day.

If you are suffering from endometriosis take high protein diet. Include salads to your food. Salads provide you sugar. Take more milets and increase intake of organic things. Instead of drinking milk from outside make bdaam milk at home at have it.

This things will help you more in curing endometriosis. Avoid eating things which you mostly avoid when suffering from diabities. Things containing antibiotics must be avoided. Tea, coffe, more use sugar and packed food must be avoided in endometriosis.

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