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Why Acidity and heart burn is so common among all?

Many people we see with the complaints of acidity and heart burn. It is very common problem among all of us and almost each one is suffering from this problem. It is not that only perticular age group people suffer from this problem. But from childrens to elders all have same complaint.

This happens due to the diet we follow in our day today life. We are so buzy in daily life that we never focus on our health. What we eat/drink, when we eat and how do we eat. This are very common things on which people never think and it results into health problems.

Main reason of acidity is we dont do exercise as per our body need. As we eat our lunch we directly go to sleep and it is a very big mistake which give push to acidity and fat too. After eating lunch we must not sleep atlist for 2-3 hours.

Heart burn is due to the increase in use of fast food. Whenever we are in rush we eat anything we get. Sometimes it oily food, sometimes its food which contain more spicyness.Much spicy food and junk food results into heart burn. But todays youth love only food which are spicy.

Home made food is always good and healthy. Healthy eating and doing regular exercise make you healthy. Do not eat junk food or any spicy food before you go for sleep. Always prefer light food to eat in dinner.To avoid acidity eat food which are bot much oily and always do physical exercise.

Yoga is also best way of keeping body maintained and healthy. Yoga keeps us fat free and it is also very much useful for our healthy life. Now a days all are living in modren lifestyle and it is a big reason of our regular health problems that we are facing. Take fruits, slads, juice, milk etc. In your breakfast instead of oily food or food containing more ghee.

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