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How does UTI spreads?

UTI is a type of infection. Full form of UTI is urinary tract infection and commonly it also called urine infection. It can happen in males and females both but mostly it is seen in females.

There are two types of UTI’s. Cystitis and Pyelonephritis. Cystitis is a infection of urinary bladder and pyelonephritis is a infection of kidney. Both this infections has different symptoms. When a person is suffering from cystitis they’ll feel like going for urine again and again and very high pain while doing urine.

Many types it also happens that urine passes out suddenly and you cant control it. Also blood flows from the urinary tract in some cases. Whereas in pyelonephritis a person suffers from high fever with chills and pain occurs in the downwards part of stomach.

How UTI happens?

UTI takes place due to the fungal and bacterial infection which spreads in the urinary tract. It is highly seen in females because females have small urinary tract through which urine passes out. Also the medium which is present in vagina helps bacterias to spread and it creates infection. Also the anus in females very closer to the urinary tract which helps infection to spread quickly and faster.

UTI is commonly seen in the females who uses public toilets like in schools we use same washrooms and toilets. Females staying together in hostels. In offices etc. It can also spread if females use cloth instead of senitary napkins in their period time. This happens because cloths are non senitised and it is dirty so infection takes place. It can spread from one person to another through sex.

To stay away from this infection keep your private part area clean and use creams to clean it. Drink more water and do not control urine for long time. Add food items which contain more vitamin C like oranges, aamlas etc. Also add curd to your diet plan and keep private part very clean and wash it after you go for urine.

UTI Can be treated with the normal antibiotics and also in some people it is treated by performing opration. 80./. Of people recover with the antibiotics but people suffering from thyroid or kidney stone need to go for opration.

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