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Pregnancy precautions for normal delivery?

Pregnancy is a very crucial and happy time period for every women. When a woman gets pregnent there are many to give advices and opinions. But how many among them are true and how many are just myths.

It is said that when a female is pregnent, she should eat food of two people. But this is totally wrong. Overeating and undereating both are dangerous for pregnent woman. A woman needs only 300 extra calories for baby.

In pregnancy food items like ragi, jooh, coconut water, amrend should be included in the diet plan. Food items which contain more fat and protein, carbohydrate are good for baby and mother both.

It is very important to eat food atlist for 5-6 times in a day. Take less quantity but have food after every 2-3 hours. Dont take only 3 big meals. If you take 5-6 meals of lesser quantity it will help you in digestion. It is very important for every woman to increase atlist 12-14 kgs in pregnancy.

If you are eating more ghee in pregnancy than more weight will be increased and due to much weight can you may get complecations in pregnancy, like diabities, hipertention and also chances getting cesereane section increases.

It is very neccessary to do regular exercise for normal delivery. If a woman is doing more of rest and not doing exercise than it will cause you many problems. 8 hours sleep is very important in night and 2 hours rest in day. Sometimes females are unable to complete their sleep dou to stress.

According to the all 3 trimesters your doctor will advice you a exercises. Exercises of 2nd and 3rd trimester are very important because it will help you for normal delivery. Exercises like breathing and pregnancy yoga are very important for coming/pushing down baby. Also this exercise will make your back and pelvick floor strong.

Food which must be avoided.

Chances of abortion increases if you eat eggplant, fenigrick, fenal, grapes, noodles, pasta, pizza, unboiled egg, unpatured milk etc. This food items can cause many problems. They can stop your babys growth and also many times it happens that baby is aborted due to this food items. It is very important to take care of your health because whatever you eat and do. Effect of that goes to your babys growth and somethings can cause you many problems.

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