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When and why laser treatment is necessary to take?

Laser hair reduction is a scientific way of decreasing growth of unwanted hair. It is same as waxing/ shaving. In waxing and shaving we get hair in very few time. The growth of hair faster in this but laser treatment is among them which reduces our hair growth upto 70./.-80./.

People suffering from PCOD and thyroid mainly attend this treatment. People having more hair on their body by birth. People who has side effects of shaving or waxing like ingrown hair can also do laser treatment.

Due to some health problems some of them get more hair on face and body this hair are very dark and strong so people prefer laser treatment. Laser treatment destroys the pigment present in the roots of the hair. This process decreases the speed of hair growth.

When laser treatment is done, it is done under the advise of a doctor and proper guidance. Because mostly it is seen that now a days laser treatment is available in many saloons and beauty parlours. But it is not safe in local saloons/ beauty parlours because it is very important that we take proper guidance of a doctor.

While laser treatment is given they shave the area which has to be laser and than apply cool gel at that place and than temperature of machine is being set according to our skin.

Avoid laser treatment if you are pregnent or breastfeeding. Because it is not safe if you attend this treatment at this crutial period of time. Also avoid laser treatment if you are suffering from harpij/sorisis.The day you want to attend laser treatment before that one weak avoid waxing, shaving and facial. This treatment is given in different sessions.

As you attend 7-8 sessions growth of hair will be reduced upto 60-80./. This sessions will be given after some months. As you complete 1st session of laser treatment youll see that the hair are thicker and lighter as per the before. As this sessions increase hair growth decreases with time. After you attend it avoid facial, bliching, and do not go in sunny areas. Apply sunscreen repeatedly.

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