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How to born baby boy?

In india it is noticed that everyone wants a baby boy. To get the baby boy they follow unwanted myths which are not true. People gives different opinions to have a boy. Some says eat this following things youll be blessed with the baby boy. Or avoid things to have boy.

Also we see there are many couples who come to doctor and ask for what should we do or eat to have a baby boy. Having a boy or girl is not in anyones hand. This is a god gift which all must accept happily.

There are some clinics which does ultrasound and they find out weather its boy or girl.When parents know the truth that its a girl than they aborts the child in the womb. And if its boy they accept that pregnancy happily.

There no way of choosing a boy or girl when you are pregnent. There are two types of chromosomes in male and female both. Males have X and Y chromosome and females carries XX chromosomes. So while a couple performs sex. Thousands of chromosomes of males are inserted into females vagina.

But among this all chromosomes only one chromosome meets with females chromosome. It can be X or Y chromosome any one. If its a X chromosome than the match will be XX chromosome. And if its Y chromosome of man that the match will be XY chromosome. XX chromosome will be girl child and XY chromosome will be boy child. So its all natural.

If man contain more X chromosomes than the chances of girl increases and if man is having more Y chromosomes than the chances of boy increases. So its all upon the god nobody can make choice of having boy or girl.There are many people who are having 5-5 or 6-6 childrens because they need boy. So in wait of baby boy they are going on trying.

It is also said that family is oncomplete till you dont have baby boy in family. But this are all myths. Girl and boy both are equally important and theres no work which boy can do and girls cannot. So be happy with what god has given you.

Aborting babys in the womb just because shes girl is very cruelty. Because the numbers of boys was increasing in compare to girls government made a rule that no doctor will reveal the truth infront of parents weather its a boy or girl. But still there are some secret clinics who do this work and charge high payments from the patients.

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