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Why babys sleep in days and stay awakened in nights?

It is always seen that new born baby’s usually sleep in days and they are awaken in nights. This is very difficult to handle and manage for parents. This problem is faced by almost all new parents.

When babys are in mothers womb they keeps on floating in the water bag containing amniotic fluid. And this gives babys the cradle effect means they feel like they are toodler. This happens because in day time mothers keep on moving from one place to another and they work.

So baby gets cradle effect and they are comfertable to sleep. But in night when mothers go to sleep that cradle effect stops and baby awakes. So this is childs habit which they had got in the mothers womb. So after the delivery also when baby is out of the womb they continues same routine.

Usually childrens take 3-4 months to change this habit of sleep. To make them sleep in night make a perfact set of time for their sleep. When you make ypur baby sleep make sure that all lights are off and if t.v is on, off it. If you are using a phone keep that aside.

Also it is important to know whats the room temperature and what type of bed are you using to make your babys sleep comfertable. 26-30 degree is normal temperature for baby sleep and the bed on which your sleeping must not be much soft nor hard. It should be normal to sleep.

It is very important that you dont make your baby sleep on the laps because as the time will pass it will become his habit of sleeping on the laps. And than when youll make them lie on the bed theyll awake and prefer to sleep on the laps only. Also when you make your baby sleep it is very important that mothers are there with baby. Because babys feel more comfertable and safe with their mothers.

Childrens are connected to their mothers in all the ways physically, mentally, emotionally and also thrpugh the smell. It is also noticed that when babys dont sleep people give brandy or any medicine which makes childrens sleep. But this can cause a harm to your child in many ways. So do not try any such type of tricks to make baby sleep.

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