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What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a cancer of ovaries. At the downwards part of stomach uterus is present and aside this uterus ovaries are located. When a ball starts forming in this ovaries it starts spreading in the stomach and other parts of the body. When these cancer takes place it distroys all the tissues present around it.

This cancer is seen in large numbers. And the main reason of ovarian cancer is lifestyle. Our way of living has become very different from the past. Now people are not doing exercises. They dont do walking or cycling which results into different health problems.

Now a days pregnancys are also very late and use of hormone replacement therapy has also increased. This are the commom reasons for happening ovarian cancer.

When female is suffering from ovarian cancer, there are very few symptoms seen in the body by which we cannot judge it weather its really a ovarian cancer or not. Theres no specific symptom for these cancer. Very few symptoms are there, not getting hunger, we feel stomach is heavy, constabration.

But this cancer starts spreading in other body parts size of the stomach starts increasing. Gets pain in the stomach and bleeding can also occur in some patients. This are some of few and common reasons of ovarian cancer. But mostly ovarian cancer is proved only after doing ultrasound/ city scan.

There are two types of ovarian cancer. Early ovarian cancer in which we can find out if cancer is only in ovary or it has spreaded to other parts also. If cancer has been spreaded than the treatment will be different. When a female is Suffering from early stage cancer doctors perform surgery, in which they remove the ovary and also uterus in some females.

Weather uterus has to be removed or not it is decided on the basis of the age of patient. If age is less than uterus is not removed and if the age of patient is being high than it is removed. Opration is done if cancer is only in ovary but if it has spreaded to the other body parts than it is cured by kimotherapy.

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