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What is hairsutism condition?

It is a condition which is found only in females. When a female is suffering from hairsutism she gets hair on those body parts where it shouldnt be or on places where mainly males get hair. This hair are different from those of normal hairs. The growth of hair is very fast and they are black in color and very strong.

In hairsutism hairs occur on upper lips, chin, chest, midrip and around the nipples.Main reason causing hairsutism is PCOS and PCOD. It can also happen due to the side effects of some medicines. It can be genetic and in some cases it was found that doctors couldnt find the adject reason of getting hairsutism.

Hairsutism mostly takes place due to the imblance in hormones. If male hormones starts incresing or female hormones starts decreasing in our body, than also hairsutism takes place.

When a lady is suffering from such type of condition it is very difficult to handle. Because the hair which grows on our face and body are very irreleavent. There are some natural methods of curing hairsutism. Loosing weight is the best of getting out of hairsutism.

Because when our weight increases the male hormones also starts increasing which results into hairsutism. To loose weight take healthy food and lifestyle. Take a proper diet and include processed food, food which contain more sugar and salt. With healthy diet also keep your mind also healthy.

If you do yoga and physical exercise it will help you in living a stress free life. And it also helps in controlling hairsutism.There are many different ways of removing unwanted hairs, like waxing, shaving, threading etc. This are the temporary options because after few days youll get hair on the same place.

To remove them for permanently laser treatment is available in market. And doctors too suggest us laser treatment. Because laser treatment removes hair totally and this are done in sesions. After you perform 7-8 sesions growth of the hair will be decreased 80-90./.

It is safe and it doesnt have any side effects. But it is very important that you perform this with a permission of specialist. Because everyone has different types of skin and health problems. So doctor knows better about your health. So dont do it just without asking doctor.

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