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What is PCOS?

Full form of PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a health problem of ovary in females. In india out 10 womans 1 is suffering from PCOS. It is very commonly spreading health problem in todays population. PCOS takes place due to stress, lifestyle, genetically etc.

In PCOS females doesnt get proper period cycle. Cycle becomes irregular. Periods which usually takes place after every month but in PCOS periods can come in 8-10 days sometimes and sometimes it doesnt come for 2-3 months also. When a female is suffering from PCOS they get hair on their face, acnes on the face and scalps also. This acne are very painful and if patients takes regular medicine than this acnes get cured off but after some months they occur again.

How PCOS happens?

PCOS means becoming period cycle irregular. And periods are all about egg and releasing egg out from the ovary every month.

Function of ovary is to produce egg. And to make egg the first hormone is made by estrogen ovary, when this egg is released out the second hormone is made progestron ovary. But while this process is going on it is very important that the quantity and quality of the hormones is good and equal.

If quality and quantity are not proper than the period cycle doesnt functions properly and this problem is called PCOS. Periods are very important for pregnancy. If your period cycle is not regular than you may face problems to get pregnant.

If any woman is suffering from hypothyroid than also ovary doesnt functions in regular way.
There are two ways to cure PCOS. Natural treatment and medical treatment. In natural treatment doctor advice to include physical activities in our daily life routine. And avoid the food items which can increase your weight.

Medical treatment is given when a female is suffering from thyroid, insline resistance, hormone irregularity etc. It is very neccessary to take protein and fibre food when one is suffering from PCOS. Avoid anti biotic milk. Avoid fruits like bnana and mangoes. Include jwar, bajra and ragi to the diet.

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