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Why hairfall is so common among all ?

Falling of hair 50-100 hairs is very normal in males and females both. But when number of falling hairs increases it is called elopesia. Two main reasons of causing elopesia are hairydiatary and DHT.

This problem is common among males and females both. As our age increases with that the level of DHT also increases and it starts destroying hairs from the roots.

Hairfall is commonly seen in people going through any type of a cancer, stress, PCOD, pregnancy, perticular health problem etc. In this type of conditions persons immune system starts fighting with their hair and it starts destroying the hairs.

It is also seen that many times due to the stress people starts pulling their own hair and this is not in their control. At this stage of hairfall person must take cycological treatment.

When we are suffering from hairfall it is very important that ee take care of the lotions and shampoos we use. Food we eat. Water we drink etc. We must stricktly avoid highly loaded chemical shampoos/ conditioners. Now a days many people prefer to apply different types of colours on their hair.

For some people it suits but to some it may cause issues of hairfall. Colour damage hair, to give colour protection use same shampoos/ conditioners. If you went on changing it week by week or month after month it can result into heavy fall of hairs.

We all love to give different type of hairstyles according to the dress or any occassion. It is very important that you apply oil on the hair and than wash it after the hairstyle. Always keep your hair free while you sleep. Silk is best fabric for hair, so prefer silk cloth pillow.

When you are suffering from the hairfall. It is very important to take care of your diet. Whichever vegetable you eat try to take it in raw form because when you steam vegetables its vitamins goes away.

Include more green leafy vegetables to your diet, it will prevent hairfall. Drinking more water is very beneficial to hairfall patients so drink more water and fruit juices.

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