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How and why malaria causes ?

Malaria is life threating disease. Malaria is very dangerous disease. This usually takes place in rainy season. Because in rainy season there are mosquitos in compare any other seasons. Malaria is transmitted into our body by the bite of a mosquito.

Not all mosquitos contain malaria but the infected mosquitos carring plasmodium parasite bites a person the parasite is released into persons bloodstream and malaria is caused.

There are four types of malaria parasites. Among all four plasmodium falciparum is the dangerous parasite. Person suffering from this parasite has a high risk of death and also person contacting that patient also has a high chances of death.

Once a infected mosquito bites a person, symptoms will be seen after some weeks. So it is very dangerous for all people who stay in contact with the malaria infected person. Malaria also can be transmitted through the blood. If docotor bymistake uses same needle for a malaria patient and other normal person than also malaria can get transmitted from one person to another.

If pregnant woman is suffering from malaria and she gives birth to the baby in that period of time than the chances getting malaria to baby also increases. It can also be transmitted through a organ transplant or a transfusion.

A person suffering from malaria will suffer from.the symtoms like vomiting, sweating, high fever, headech, fever with chills. We cannot say weather its a malaria or normal fever on basis of the symptoms because mostly malaria and normal fever has same symptoms.

Malaria can calarified only by the blood test. There are different types of tests in which some tests can take days to give a result whereas some gives in just few minutes.

There are different types of treatments for malaria disease. It is seen that what type of malaria parasite you are suffering from. Whats the age of patient. Whether she’s pregnent or not.

Every one is given different medicines and treatments to recover. To stay away from malaria use mosquito net while sleeping. Keep your surrounding area clean. Wear washed and ironed clothes. Drink boiled or filtered water.

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