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15+ Useful idioms for ielts speaking..

15 common useful idioms .


An idiom is a widely used phrase or expression that contains a figurative meaning, non literally meaning ,that is different from the phrases literal meaning.

Useful idioms that help to grab band 7+ scores in ielts exam


★Fist of all practice play an important role to increase fluency like everyday use idioms in daily speaking conversation

★search the meaning of idioms and get help from friends and teachers

★check the google for different example of the idioms.

**********USEFUL IDIOMS*****************

1. Apple of my eye  (someone loves very much) John was his first child and the apple of his eyes.

2. A piece of cake (easy/something done easily) cooking is a piece of cake for me.

3. Once in a blue moon (very rarely) I go to visit my relatives only once in a blue moon.

4. A cup of tea (easy to do) I enjoy reading, it is my cup of  tea.

5. on cloud nine (extremely happy) she just bought her new car and she’s on cloud nine.

6. over the moon  (very happy) i recieve present from my father on my birthday after that i feel over the moon.

7. Down to earth  (humble person)  Nowadays some people are down to earth who helps the needy people.

8. Down in the dumps(sad/unhappy). She is down in the dumps because all her friends are out of friends.

9. Hard nut to crack  (very difficult) the last question in the exam was a hard nut to crack.

10. Fit as a fiddle (in good health) I’m fit as a fiddle because I do exercise everyday.

11. social butterfly (extrovert person) I am a social  butterfly.

12. Out of the blue (Suddenly/unexpectedly) A car came out of the blue and almost hit me.

13. spic and span (neat and clean) we should keep spic and span our home and surrounding environment.

14. kith and kin (relatives and friends) I invite my kith and kins on my birthday party.

15. Couch potato (a person who takes little or no exercise or watches a lot of television) Nowadays majority of children are couch potato due to excessive uses of electronic gadgets

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